about the brand

Hannibal. is known for its basically puristic, clean and wearable design. tagged as „menswear-handmade in germany“ this pure malefashion-line put its first step onto german market in january 2010. from the beginning the initial inspiration „the early 19th century“ leads the designer into producing timeless fashion, which gains its quality by the means of perfect fit and a new interpretation of classical pattern making. in the collection you find a suitable melange of construction and appearant drapage on the background of simon ́s passion for traditional elements of english tailoring. the drapage-like parts provide the reduced, strict looks a sense of lightness and dynamic. creating new collections simon Hannibal seeks to find new uncommon shapes, contexts.

much of his inspiration is based on fairytales and old films, whose moods and feelings are to be captured and transformed into fashion.

the label is owned by simon Hannibal fischer and yvonne perner. Hannibal was founded in october 2008 in munich.